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My name is Nick, and I'm a software developer based out of Toronto, Canada. I enjoy using technology to build new things, solve problems, and improve people's lives.

Poke around and take a look at some of the projects I've worked on.


My passion for computer science and software development drives me to seek out challenging problems and unique experiences. I have an extensive grasp of modelling problem domains and devising efficient solutions computationally.

I'm a dedicated and forward-thinking developer, committed to fully understanding challenges I encounter. I have no problem assuming responsibility for complex tasks, problems, and mentoring those around me.

I enjoy working with highly experienced and skilled peers to help broaden my own knowledge and challenge me to push my skills to the next level.



Western University

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Specialization in Computer Science, Minor in game development
Excellence: Completed the course "Game Engine Development" (CS4483) in my final year with a final grade of 100% (2010-2011).

Mobile App: Developed components of the university's mobile application for Blackberry smartphones (2010-2011).

Internship: Selected for the Science Internship program, and hired by IBM Canada (2007-2008).

Extra Curriculars: Vice President of External Affairs, Computer Science Student Society (2006-2007).



Metroland Media

Software Developer

Repurposed a REST API that serves data from several legacy MySQL databases, and integrated it with a new third-party data source to maintain backwards compatibility with existing mobile applications.

Planned, coordinated, and led development on a revamping the WagJag mobile application, using Appcelerator as an application development framework.


GLU Mobile (Blammo Games)

Game Programmer

Developed and released three separate game titles.

Implemented countless game features for 'Zombies Ate My Friends', which was featured on Apple's iOS App Store and Google Play.

Responsible for development of a new object oriented framework for desktop/mobile games (iOS, Android, and OSX).

Created tools for game data creation and manipulation for designers.



Game Programmer

Released two game titles, one of which were featured on the app store.

Developed game-play mechanics for Urban Crime, and UNO & Friends.

Created an extendable 2D animation system for simple object motion.

Developed core multiplayer and social components for UNO & Friends.


Co-founder, Lead Software Engineer

Co-developed site architecture and implemented user-related features: profiles, account management, and classrooms.

Worked extensively with jQuery, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript to provide a modern space for e-Learning.


IBM Canada Ltd.

DB2 Cloud Developer

Joined IBM's Database as a Service (DBaaS) team to help develop a cloud-based ecosystem for DB2.

Investigated new technology delivery platforms for the DBaaS project.

Developed a proof of concept to provision multi-node databases with DB2 PureScale for future evolutions of the DBaaS platform.


IBM Canada Ltd.

DB2 Application Developer

Evaluated system design and elicited requirements and a change proposal for the service.

Successfully implemented scalability changes to support parallel execution across hundreds of nodes, and reduced output size for large-scale systems by up to 50%.

Worked closely with project team members to synchronize service structure changes with ongoing project development.


IBM Canada Ltd.

DB2 Technologist

Co-designed and developed an extensible, highly scalable, distributed P2P framework allowing for automation of thousands of remote machines.

Responsible for designing and engineering the front-end interface to the system, as well as assisting in designing the service layer.

Additional system capabilities included remote monitoring of systems, system control, application control, batch execution of commands to manage clustered machines, etc.

Framework is used frequently by IBM in large conference deployment logistics. It has had successful applications at Information on Demand in Las Vegas, 2007, SAP Tech. Ed. Orlando, 2008 and Information on Demand Europe, 2008.

Software Development


C / C++







              Ruby on Rails





                        Other Technologies


                          Other Skills

                          Game Development Game Programming XML Git Regular Expressions MySQL Linux Leadership OpenGL Python JSON DB2 Requirement Engineering REST Services Mobile Applications Software Development Web Development


                          Check out some of the projects I've worked on throughout my career.

                          WagJag Mobile

                          WagJag is an deal purchasing app where Canadians and their families shop for the best daily deals on products, restaurants, spas, entertainment, grocery, hotels and more.

                          Project Image

                          Date: January 2014


                          Technology: Objective-C, Ruby / Rails, MySQL

                          Project link: WagJag Mobile

                          Rebuilt the WagJag mobile app for iOS and Android using Appcelerator Titanium to unify the product codebase and open up development to developers more comfortable with JavaScript.

                          Developed a public API in Ruby on Rails that acts as an interface to WagJag's data source and serves information to our mobile application.

                          Maintained the native iOS and Android applications and developed new features.


                          Knights Of Puzzelot

                          Puzzelot is a refreshing twist on a popular game genre. Play each dungeon to battle monsters, find treasure, and collect items for your hero.

                          Project Image

                          Date: October 2013

                          Category: Games

                          Technology: C / C++, OpenGL, JSON

                          Project link: Knights Of Puzzelot


                          Zombies Ate My Friends

                          Zombies Ate My Friends is a casual zombie survivor game where you must fight through the abandoned streets of Festerville, killing zombies, scavenging, staying alive, and most importantly, finding a cure to a horrendous zombie outbreak.

                          Project Image

                          Date: June 2012 to July 2013

                          Category: Games

                          Technology: C / C++, OpenGL, JSON

                          Project link: Zombies Ate My Friends

                          Developed key game framework components: input, rendering, serialization, memory/object management.

                          Developed multiplayer components: Game events, scoring, rankings, messaging and gifting.

                          Developed a UI system and implemented many of the in-game screens the player interacts with.

                          Developed a 2D particle system to enhance visual appeal and reduce artist workload.



                          Created with kids in mind, this lighthearted title recreates the joys (and some of the dangers, like poison ivy) of camping, giving players a chance to earn badges, go on adventures and build things to help expand and personalize their camps.

                          Project Image

                          Date: June 2012

                          Category: Games

                          Technology: C / C++, OpenGL

                          Project link: Campers

                          Developed mini-game framework and several mini games, including: river rafting, gopher hunt and archery.

                          Developed map and trip selection components.


                          UNO & Friends

                          UNO & Friends is a social spin on the game UNO. UNO & Friends pits you against a community of players from around the world, allowing you to hone your UNO-playing skills to perfection.

                          Project Image

                          Date: January 2012

                          Category: Games

                          Technology: C++

                          Project link: UNO & Friends

                          Developed a 2D animation system for the project.

                          Took a generalist role developing the base structure for new features to be added as new components.

                          Developed networking and multiplayer components of the game.


                          Urban Crime

                          Urban Crime is an open world gangster game where your goals are clear: invade the enemy gang's territory, steal cars, kill people, and buy drugs.

                          Project Image

                          Date: May 2011

                          Category: Games

                          Technology: C++

                          Project link: Urban Crime

                          Developed core game play features: player experience and leveling, itemization, and shop purchases.

                          Developed an in-game store which was connected to purchase tracking.


                          Where I am

                          I'm currently based near Toronto, Ontario. Feel free to reach out if you're in the neighbourhood.


                          Sense Appeal
                          The Firkin on King

                          Let's Be Frank
                          Fusaro's Kitchen
                          Thai Princess
                          Bahn Mi Boys


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